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Strep Throat and Your Toothbrush - What To Know
Posted on 7/20/2018 by Bisson Dentistry
When you or your child have strep throat, there are a few things that you should do. Getting to the doctor for a confirmation and antibiotics is the first thing you should be worrying about. Avoiding contact with others so they don't get sick is another. Many people think it is also important to do something with your toothbrush. They are not necessarily right. Why Focus on the Toothbrush The most common fear when using the same toothbrush used before strep throat is reinfection. Since you used that toothbrush in the same area as the strep throat infection, it seems to make sense that the bacteria that cause strep throat are on the toothbrush. When you dispose of the toothbrush, you dispose of the bacteria that cause strep. Getting rid of a toothbrush is not a big deal to most people. It is inexpensive, and it is also something to replace every six months anyway. The question is, do you really have to get rid of it. Cleaning Instead of Trashing If you do decide to trash the toothbrush after strep, you have to find the right time. Get rid of it too early and the new toothbrush could carry the bacteria. Wait too long and you could risk reinfection. It is best to wait a few days after starting the antibiotics before replacing the toothbrush but do replace it before finishing the antibiotics. The same timeline works for cleaning the toothbrush. There are several ways to do this. All of these can take the place of throwing the toothbrush away. Some research shows that a person is unlikely to get a reinfection of strep throat from their toothbrush. The research is not complete, but it also shows that cleaning the toothbrush is as effective as buying a new one. Because of that and the low price of toothbrushes, the decision is on the person or the parent to decide which is easiest and best for them. If you want more information about how to avoid strep throat reinfection or for more information about how to use and what type of toothbrush to use, contact the professionals at our office....

How Diabetes Can Cause Tooth Loss
Posted on 7/10/2018 by Bisson Dentistry
While diabetics understand the importance of good oral hygiene, it still doesn't get as much attention as it deserves. What many people fail to understand is that tooth loss primarily occurs because diabetics are more susceptible to periodontal disease. This is a group of diseases that are responsible for causing infections, and inflammations that result in the loss of gum tissue and bone structure. Lack of Glucose Control One of the main reasons tooth loss occurs in diabetics is because of poor glucose control. When your glucose levels are out of control your defense mechanism against infections becomes dulled. This includes minor infections that occur in your mouth. These begin to linger on and may even grow worse. Eventually the could even cause chronic inflammation that results in tooth erosion or loss. Smoking and Alcohol Abuse These factors serve to make your diabetes worse. If you're already suffering from periodontal disease, these “drugs” will aggravate this disease. Unfortunately, this isn't just a problem for adults. Children often have extensive periodontal disease before they reach adolescence. Getting Help Before it's too Late Fortunately, periodontal disease is both preventable and treatable. This is something that's important for people to understand – diabetics in specific. Taking these steps is important because periodontal disease is linked to heart attacks and strokes. Over the past couple of years, dentists have come to understand that people who have periodontal disease tend to experience heart attacks and strokes more frequently. As a diabetic you need to do your best to maintain normal glucose levels. At the same time, you also need to take care of the rest of your health – avoiding things like smoking and only drinking in moderation. You also need to maintain your daily health by brushing, flossing, and rinsing twice daily. It's also important for you to get regular dental care so make sure you contact us for an appointment today....

Protecting Your Teeth When You Travel is Very Important
Posted on 6/23/2018 by Bisson Dentistry
Just like any other time of the year, protecting your teeth when you travel is very important to avoid any unexpected problems while you're away. There are several things you can do to ensure your oral health is covered while you're away. Prepare When you travel far away, there is always a possibility that an unforeseen dental emergency may occur. To avoid potential problems, it is a good idea to schedule a visit with our office to get a general check-up and let us know if you are having any discomfort. Getting travel insurance can save you a lot of money if the need arises. Check with your dental insurance provider to see what your out-of-network coverage is and ask if they have an option to buy insurance that can work in other countries. Remember to check with your airline on what the security guidelines are for toothpaste and mouthwash. There are specific rules if you are planning on brining dental supplies on board a plane. Don't forget the floss and bring an extra tub of your favorite toothpaste. When you Arrive Protecting your teeth when you travel is very important, especially when you will be overseas. Many countries around the world have water that is unsafe. You should ask the hotel or lodging you will be staying at if the tap water is safe to drink. Even if you don't swallow while you brush, gargling with water that is not sanitary, is dangerous and can lead to illness. Hopefully you won't encounter any problems with your oral health while you're away, but protecting your teeth when you travel is very important, especially is your destination is not in the U.S. Do some research online and bring an extra toothbrush in case you lose yours....

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