3D Printing

Believe it or not, the teeth are the hardest substance in the human body. While exceptionally strong, however, they are not impervious to facing damage. Taking proper care of your mouth with regular brushing, flossing and dental visits helps to keep your teeth healthy, but decay, damage, and other issues can still occur. 

When these issues arise, the tooth needs to be restored, whether it is a filling or a crown. At Bisson Dentistry, we can provide you with same day restorations with the E4D Nevo and the E4D procedure.

The Issue With Traditional Treatments

In the event of a cavity, fillings are a common solution. Traditional, amalgam, fillings have several disadvantages. First, they are silver in color. They contain metals and mercury, two elements that many patients are wary of. Amalgam fillings can also weaken the structure of the tooth, eventually leading to damage in the future. 

Even if you already have amalgam fillings, these fillings can go bad or new decay can develop around them. While composite fillings are tooth colored and free of metals and mercury, they are not nearly as strong as amalgam and are susceptible to damage over time.

If your tooth has been severely damaged, a crown is often used. The crown is designed to protect the tooth and provide it with strength. Unfortunately, the biggest issue with the traditional crown procedure is that it can take up to two weeks after the preparation of the tooth for your final restoration to be completed. During this time, you are stuck wearing a temporary crown, which can increase your risk of experiencing further damage or developing an infection.

The Benefits of E4D

E4D technology offers numerous benefits.

  • You are provided with a permanent restoration in a single visit, eliminating the need for a second. Everything is done in-house.
  • There is no need for temporary restorations. This eliminates the discomfort, sensitivity, and risks often associated with them.
  • Old, traditional fillings can be replaced with new, ceramic ones.

With E4D Nevo and the E4D procedure, we can restore the strength of your damaged teeth and the health of your mouth in a single visit, eliminating the need for a temporary restoration. 

E4D Technology

E4D Nevo uses CAD/CAM technology that allows us to design and create ceramic fillings or crowns in a single visit. The whole system consists of an optical scanner, specialized computer software, and a milling machine. All of the equipment we need is located right here in our office. We can custom design and create your filling or crown without the need to send impressions to a separate dental lab facility. In a single visit, your tooth is prepared, the restoration is designed and milled, and the restoration is placed.

How E4D Technology Works

Your appointment begins with a thorough exam of your mouth. The exam allows us to see the extent of the damage so that we can determine the best course of action. We then administer a local anesthetic and prepare the tooth for your restoration.

After the tooth is prepared, we use the optical scanner to take a digital impression of your mouth. The scan only takes a minute or two. When it is done, a 3D model of your mouth appears on our computer monitor. We then use the E4D Nevo computer program to design your custom restoration. 

Once the design phase is complete, the information is sent to the in-house milling machine. We place a ceramic block that perfectly matches the shade of your natural teeth inside the machine, and in about 30 minutes, your restoration is complete. The restoration is checked for fit and bite. If everything looks good, it is polished and bonded into place.

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