Intraoral Cameras

Previously, when you came into the dentist’s office, you would sit in the chair while we poked and prodded around inside your mouth. You had no idea what was happening. Even if things were being explained to you, it could have been difficult to picture what we were saying. You may not have even believed the things you were being told. 

Today, there are all kinds of dental technology advancements. At Bisson Dentistry, we are staying on top of these advances, and have even employed the use of an intraoral camera.

What is an intraoral camera?

An intraoral camera is a small, handheld camera, no bigger than the size of a large pen. It is essentially a digital version of the small metal hand mirrors that you’re used to seeing on our tool trays. The camera allows us to get a better view of everything that is happening in your mouth. It is connected to a monitor, and it projects the images of your mouth onto that screen. 

Along with real-time images, we can also capture stills, which allow us to focus on one specific area without holding the camera in your mouth for a long period. These images, if necessary, can also be sent to a specialist.

Building Trust

For your oral health to be at its best, you need to have trust in your dentist. We value your trust and want to forge a long-term relationship that focuses on keeping your mouth clean and healthy. Without the ability to see what we see, it can be difficult to trust what is being said to you. Moreover, for many people, not being able to see what is happening to their mouth is enough to spark fear.

With the help of an intraoral camera, we can help to ease any of your fears and anxieties, by allowing you the ability to see exactly what we see. It can also help you to understand the reasoning behind our treatment recommendations.

Benefits of Intraoral Cameras

While building your trust in us is a huge benefit of the intraoral camera, it is not the only one. In fact, there are numerous benefits to the intraoral camera:

  • You see exactly what we do. There is no need to try to imagine what we are trying to describe to you.
  • Cameras can help to alleviate fears, as you can see what is being done with the dental tools.
  • You gain a better understanding of the importance of treatment.
  • We can take stills and zoom in on suspect areas. This allows us to spot trouble spots and take action before they become serious problems.
  • You become more involved in your oral healthcare. Images can be taken home so that you can monitor certain areas, allowing you to take action as soon as a change is noted.
  • Your images can be stored in your digital file, which can be recalled almost immediately and compared side by side with newer pictures.

Not only do intraoral cameras allow us to gain a better picture of exactly what is happening in your mouth, but they also allow you the ability to see the same thing. For more information on intraoral cameras and how they can enhance your dental treatment, call Bisson Dentistry at (226) 299-0713 today.

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