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Same Day Porcelain Fillings in Guelph

Cavities are a common oral health issue that is often associated with children. While children tend to be more prone to developing cavities, they are not the only ones who may be affected. Cavities can affect the teeth of anyone, regardless of age. Treating cavities is essential for stopping their growth, as well as restoring, and protecting your oral health. 

Unfortunately, when many patients think about fillings, they think about the traditional amalgam fillings. The thought of these fillings can lead those with cavities to avoid necessary treatment, which can have serious consequences. At Bisson Dentistry, we can treat cavities, restoring your oral health, with same day porcelain fillings.

What are cavities?

Cavities are small pits that form in the teeth, caused by tooth decay. Decay occurs when the acids from plaque and bacteria are left on the surfaces of your teeth. Regular brushing and flossing help to remove plaque and bacteria, as well as the acids they leave behind. When left on the teeth too long, acids begin to eat away at the enamel. Over time, cavities result. 

The longer cavities go untreated, the larger they become, as bacteria and acids continue to destroy the structure of the teeth. Eventually, cavities can develop into the inner layers of the teeth, leading to painful infections.

Traditional Filling Materials

Traditionally, cavities have been filled with an amalgam material, a mixture of metals suspended in mercury. These fillings have been in use for over 150 years, and are well known for their exceptional strength. However, despite their strength, many patients tend to wary of amalgam. This is often due to the metal and mercury content they contain.

Eventually, composite resin fillings came into play. These metal-free, mercury-free fillings have provided an alternative to amalgam fillings for several decades. Along with containing no metal and mercury, they are white in color, blending in with the rest of your natural enamel. 

They also require less tooth structure removal, as the material bonds to the tooth. However, composite resin is not nearly as strong as amalgam and can be vulnerable to wear or damage over time. Composite resin can also stain, and cannot be whitened, even with traditional whitening procedures.

Porcelain Fillings in One Appointment

Porcelain fillings are an alternative to these traditional filling options. Typically, it would take two visits to place these fillings, requiring a two-week or longer wait between tooth preparation and filling placement. During this wait, a temporary filling is placed, but the tooth can still be vulnerable to bacterial invasion.

At Bisson Dentistry, our porcelain fillings are placed in a single visit. The process for placing porcelain fillings is quite different than that the process for placing amalgam and composite resin fillings. After the tooth is cleaned and the decay is removed, we take a digital impression of the tooth. The impression is then displayed on a computer monitor, where we can use specialized software to design a custom fit filling. After the design phase, the information is sent to our in-house milling machine, where your filling is milled. As soon as it is finished, we can check it for fit and cement it into place.

Benefits of Same Day Porcelain Fillings

There are many benefits to same day porcelain fillings:

• They blend in perfectly with the color of your natural enamel, providing a seamless appearance.
• The material contains no metals, making it ideal for those with metal allergies. It also contains no mercury.
• They are a strong, reliable option, being resistant to wear, as well as temperature fluctuations.
• The material is stain resistant.
• They are a great option for larger cavities on the chewing surfaces of your molars.
• Getting your porcelain fillings in a single visit saves you valuable time. It also avoids the need for a temporary filling as well as the risk for bacterial invasion into the tooth.

Porcelain fillings provide a strong, metal and mercury-free, natural-looking restoration for teeth affected by cavities. And getting your fillings in a single visit helps to avoid the need for temporary fillings, as well as protects your teeth from potential infections. For more information, and to schedule your consultation, call Bisson Dentistry at (226) 299-0713 today.

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