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Guelph Braces

Your teeth are an important part of your mouth. They are responsible for many important daily tasks, including biting, chewing, and controlling airflow when you speak. Along with these functions, they also serve an aesthetic purpose, providing you with a bright, beautiful, confident smile. Your smile is the first thing that others notice about you. 

When you have crooked, or misaligned, teeth, the quality of your smile is greatly affected, as is your confidence. Crooked teeth can also have a serious impact on your oral health, causing uneven tooth wear, an increased risk for tooth decay and gum disease, and serious jaw pain. At Bisson Dentistry, we can correct your crooked teeth, restoring your smile and your oral health, with braces.

What are braces?

Braces have been in use for decades as a treatment for crooked teeth. They consist of three basic components:

• Metal brackets. Metal brackets are small silver pieces that are bonded to the fronts of each of your teeth with dental cement. They are set in place during your first visit and remain in place throughout the duration of your treatment.

• Metal bands. Metal bands are attached to each of the very back teeth. They help to anchor the archwires in place.

• Archwires. Archwires are the metal wires that span across your arch of teeth. They are anchored by the metal bands and attached to each bracket with an elastic O-ring. The wires vary in size, enabling us to better customize your treatment.

Along with these, braces also have a variety of other components, including springs, headgear, rubber bands and more. These components are not necessary for everyone, and we will let you know which, if any, components will help you to achieve the best possible results.

How do braces work?

Your braces are designed to move your teeth into proper alignment. The arch wires do most of the work when it comes to this treatment. They place pressure on your teeth, which then place pressure on your periodontal ligaments. The pressure eventually causes your periodontal ligaments to widen, loosening your teeth. 

Your teeth are then gradually shifted into proper alignment. Once there, the braces hold them into place while the periodontal ligaments heal around the roots of the teeth. New tissue begins to grow after about three months, and the teeth will stabilize in their new, proper, positions in approximately one year.

Symptoms of an Infection in a Tooth

There are several symptoms of an infection. If you experience any of these symptoms, you should seek dental treatment right away.

• Severe pain in the tooth.
• Facial swelling near the infected tooth.
• Lingering pain or sensitivity.
• Your jaw begins to lose bone mass.
• Dental abscesses. An abscess occurs when the bacteria in the tooth begin to spill out into the jawbone through the root of the tooth. It forms to contain the bacteria and prevent their spread. Abscesses continue to grow when they are not treated, causing damage to the jaw.

What are the benefits of braces?

Braces offer a wide array of benefits, including:

• Your smile is improved. One of the most obvious benefits is the improvement in your smile. This can also lead to a significant boost in confidence, and leave you smiling more often.

• Improved oral health. Your teeth are easier to keep clean when they are straight. In being able to properly clean your teeth, you are better able to prevent serious oral health issues such as gum disease and tooth decay.

• Protection of your teeth. With straight teeth, wear is more even. You also reduce the likelihood of chipping your teeth.
• Better speech. For some, crooked teeth can affect speech. By correcting your teeth, your speech improves.

• Elimination of jaw pain. Poorly aligned teeth and jaws can lead to serious jaw pain. By correcting these issues, your pain is alleviated.

Braces are an effective treatment method for correcting crooked teeth, restoring your smile, your oral health, and your confidence. Call Bisson Dentistry today at (226) 299-0713 to schedule your consultation and find out if braces are right for you.

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