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Digital X-rays

Patient viewing digital x-ray at dentist office in Guelph, ON.X-rays have been around for over 100 years now. Shortly after they were introduced into the medical field, they entered the dental field. With the introduction of X-rays, we have been able to diagnose more oral health issues, provide more accurate treatments, and save countless teeth. These images are an essential component of your dental care. However, they have been a significant source of concern for many patients for several years. Today, Bisson Dentistry can help to alleviate some of these concerns, and provide you with high-quality care, with digital X-ray technology.

What are X-Rays Used For?

X-rays have several uses in dentistry. They allow us to see things we might otherwise not be able to detect with just a regular visual examination of your mouth. With X-rays, we can diagnose many different issues, including decay, cavities, fractures, bone loss, cysts, abscesses, and more. While X-rays are commonly used when we are trying to diagnose the cause of specific symptoms, they are also an important part of your routine dental exams. They allow us to monitor your mouth to note changes and detect the presence of issues before any symptoms even begin to show.

How are Digital X-Rays Different?

Traditional X-rays are done using a film. The film is placed into your mouth to take the picture. It then needs to be developed in a darkroom, which can take some time.

Digital X-rays are different. Instead of placing film in your mouth, we place a small digital sensor. The sensor is what captures the image. Rather than having to develop your X-rays, the images show up on a computer screen. It takes only a matter of seconds for the X-rays to appear, saving valuable appointment time.

One of the greatest benefits for patients is the reduced exposure to radiation with digital X-ray technology. Time is saved because we do not have to develop the images, which can mean shorter appointment times. Moreover, we can use computer software that enables us to take a closer look at different areas of the X-ray so that we can provide you with an accurate diagnosis and treatments that will help to restore your oral health.

What Types of Digital X-Rays are There?

Bitewing X-rays are those that show the upper and lower teeth at the back of the mouth. These images allow us to see how your teeth fit together. They are also helpful for detecting cavities in between your teeth. Periapical X-rays show the teeth from the tops of the crowns to the bone that supports them.

Panoramic X-rays show the teeth, jaws, joints, and sinuses. These X-rays are typically taken if you need orthodontic treatment. They are also beneficial for patients wanting to replace missing teeth with dental implants.

Occlusal X-rays help show your bite between your upper and lower teeth. They can also show how the adult teeth are developing.

Do Children Need X-Rays, Too?

Yes, children do need to have X-rays taken, too. X-rays are an important tool for helping us monitor the growth and development of your child’s mouth. With these images, we can check the growth of the adult teeth and determine the possibility of orthodontic issues so that appropriate action can be taken.

How Often Do I Need Digital X-Rays?

Typically, most adult patients only need X-rays once a year. The digital X-rays taken for your routine dental exams allow us to monitor your mouth to assess any changes or if there are any issues in the early stages of development that you might not know about. Some patients may need X-rays taken every 6 months, or during every routine dental exam. X-rays may also be taken between your routine exams if you need an issue diagnosed or if you are undergoing a specific treatment such as dental implant placement. Based on your needs, we can help to determine how frequently you will need to have digital X-rays taken.

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